Estimated Production and Shipping Timeline

Disclaimer: The following timeline is an estimated timeline only and should not be read as a “promise” of delivery times. The following timeline does not account for delays caused by hectic periods, holiday seasons including CNY, and any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances (including COVID-19).

The total average time from order, production to delivery is 3 - 6 weeks. This can be longer or shorter depending on your location, choice of the order, and the manufacturer of your order. Fabrication times are longer for silicone dolls like Sino Doll, Sanhui Doll, Starpery, Gynoid, and Zelex.


Estimated production and shipping timeline

  • Once you place an order, you’ll receive a confirmation email immediately.
  • We will check your order details and ensure all the options for your order are correct.
  • We will contact you through whatsapp or wechat.
  • If any option is missing or seems unusual, we’ll get in touch to confirm everything with you before production.
  • We allow a 24-hour grace period in case you have any last-minute changes.
  • Your order is then passed onto our workshop management and placed in a queue for production.
  • The estimated time for fabrication is 7-60 days, depending on the brand.
  • Once your doll has been completed, the manufacturer will carry out a thorough quality control check, and we will send you your doll’s factory photos for your approval.
  • When you are happy with your doll and any necessary changes have been carried out, your doll is carefully packaged and prepared for shipment..
  • The total average time from order to delivery is 3 - 8 weeks, depending on your location, choice of the doll, and the manufacturer.
  • For a more precise timeline specific to your order, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll let you know what timeframes we are currently experiencing.


We make sure to protect the confidentiality of your order and take great measures to keep everything secure and discreet. We pursue every effort to make our shipping and handling as discreet and as efficient as possible.

Please contact us with any questions or comments and thank you for being a Silicones Art customer !




免责声明:以下时间表仅为估计时间表,不应被视为交货时间的“承诺”。以下时间表不考虑繁忙时期、包括农历新年在内的假期季节以及由于不可预见的情况(包括 COVID-19)造成的任何延误。

从下单、生产到交付的总平均时间为3 - 6周。这可能会根据您的位置、订单选择以及您的订单制造商而有所延长或缩短。像Sino Doll、Sanhui Doll、Starpery、Gynoid和Zelex这样的硅胶人偶的制作时间较长。


  • 下单后,您将立即收到确认邮件。
  • 我们将检查您的订单详情,并确保您订单中的所有选项都是正确的。
  • 我们将通过WhatsApp或WeChat与您联系。
  • 如果有任何选项缺失或看起来不寻常,我们将与您联系以在生产前确认一切。
  • 我们允许一个24小时的宽限期,以防您有任何最后一刻的更改。
  • 然后,您的订单将传递给我们的制造商厂家,并放入生产队列中。
  • 根据品牌厂家的不同,制作时间预计为7-60天。
  • 一旦您的人偶制作完成,制造商将进行彻底的质量控制检查,并向您发送您产品的实拍工厂照片/视频以供确认。
  • 当您对您的订单满意,并且已进行任何必要的更改后,您的产品将被小心地包装并准备发货。
  • 从下单到交付的总平均时间为3 - 8周,具体取决于您的位置、产品的选择以及制造商。
  • 对于您订单的更精确时间表,请随时与我们联系,我们会告诉您我们目前的时间表。
  • 我们确保保护您订单的保密性,并采取重大措施以及尽一切努力使我们的运输和处理尽可能安全和高效。

如果您有任何问题或意见,请随时与我们联系,并感谢您成为Silicones Art的客户!