Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping with .

Please read our“Terms & Conditions” and “Return & Refund Policy” carefully before making payment. you have said that you have accepted and agreed our “Terms & Conditions”and “Return & Refund Policy” once payment has been done.

Exchange and refund cannot be requested in respect of all the sold products. No refunds will be entertained once payment is made.

No returns are accepted under any circumstances. All sales are final. We encourage you to make up your mind completely before you place your order. Due to health & hygiene reasons, we are unable to offer an exchange or refunds for change of mind on our products. Also as each product is handmade and customized according to each sale, it is not possible to return such item. It is the reason we provide clear photos and videos of the product to ensure your purchase with confidence to facilitate the order process. You are welcome to call us, ask us any questions and also check out our demo videos to make sure you are comfortable in placing order with us.

Returns are granted only if you have received an incorrect item (incorrect model) due to our error, and you have received wrong item. In these case we are happy to pay for the return shipping, and ship the correct item back to you. (standard production and shipping times apply for re-order model).

The Buyer must carefully inspect the item(s) as soon as they are delivered.

Due to the nature of this product it is not possible for us to provide an exchange or refund as there are multiple concerns such as:

【1】hygiene and safety concerns

【2】tedious logistics and transportation (back and forth for multiple destination)

【3】shipping fees is costly for buyer 

【4】process of returnation is lengthy

【5】personalized choice of custom made product


Ready Stock:Return , exchange and refund cannot be requested in respect of all the sold products.

Pre-order Stock (customization order): The product will be custom made specifically for Buyer. Since they are custom made and a unique work of art for buyer, If buyer cancel order, buyer will forfeit the 60% deposits (buyer can’t cancel the order after fabrication of the product has commence). As soon as buyer order,  money is sent to our suppliers to secure the materials just for the product. The suppliers are very hesitant to refund the Buyer order for any reason.  This is common practice for vendors and manufacturers within the industry.

Return, exchange and refund cannot be requested in respect of all the sold products.

Upon completion of production by manufacturers, the Company will send a picture of the product, which shows its from different angles for buyer’s confirmation.

Upon we send out the parcel for delivery and after the buyer signed the consignment note to receive the parcel, it means that buyer confirms that they have no issue with the product quality.

Please ensure prior to purchase you are happy to proceed after photos have been provided. Once production is underway, there is no cancellation and no refunds.

All products are subject to strict review and quality management before delivery to ensure quality products are available to buyers.

The manufacturer has clearly set out quality standards for the product, with the followings considered as normal situations:


 Quality standards

【1】location hole: during production of product, its skeleton needs to be positioned so that there are 12 location holes in total and reparation traces left in the torso and joints. As shown in the graph above, such situation is inevitable and should not be deemed defective.

【2】parting line: during production of product, the parting lines derived therefrom are not considered as quality issue. Due to individual difference among models, parting line is not necessarily in the middle of the body. Its location deflection and size are not considered as quality issues.

【3】scar: subject to the limitation of production technique, there would be slight defects, impurities and traces in the surface of product. If the diameter of scar does not exceed 5cm with its number less than five, the product is deemed qualified. The product face shall not have any scar. There should not be any scar in the product chest whose diameter is above 5cm. The light traces in body surface is not considered quality issue.

【4】the friction and the sound generated from skeleton components are not considered quality issue.

【5】makeup: the makeup is completed manually. Slight differences between one doll from another are not considered quality issue. Party A would make regular improvements on the makeup, and the before-and-after change in the makeup is not considered as quality issue.

【6】stand-up sole: certain products have fixed screws on their sole as customers select stand-up style. Stand-up sole and fixed screws can result in slight defect due to removal, causing tiny damage to the doll which is within normal. Customer can use the putty recommended by us for fixing.

 All photographs are taken at close proximity (Variation in colors may occur due to different display settings). Original color might be slightly different from the picture due to the computer monitor setting. Different monitors display colors differently, and everyone's definition of color is not the same. Beside that, the product's makeup may be a little different from picture due to different makeup artist done by hand-finished, thus we can not guarantee what you see in our picture is exactly 100% same as our product, we will do our best to describe every item if they are different from our pictures.


Imperfections and minor damages

Dolls are made by hand, with every doll being unique. There can be minor discrepancies and imperfections.

The following imperfections and minor damages are non-refundable and non-returnable:

  • Skin imperfections, blemishes, scratches, marks, compression marks, micro-cuts, slight variations in the skin’s surface, loose or missing fingernails/toenails, loose or missing eyelashes, minor discrepancies and inconsistency with facial make-up, and/ or body make-up.
  • Items that are used, washed, altered, made-to-order, customized, complimentary, promotional items, free upgrades, free extras, and replacement products.
  • User damage that has occurred during use, after use, by miss handling, or by incorrect cleaning methods. Compensation for any issues relating to items that are exempt from our Returns & Refund Policy will not be issued.

Return, exchange and refund cannot be requested in respect of all the sold products. Upon we delivery of the product and after the buyer signed the consignment note, it means that buyer confirms that they have no issue with product quality.

All products are subject to strict review and quality management before delivery to ensure quality products are available to buyers. Silicones Art doesn’t offer any returns or refunds and all sales are final and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Risk of Loss

Ready Stock :

The risk of loss and title to products purchased on the site pass to the buyer and consignment company upon delivery. Silicones Art will try our best to help but take no responsibility for it.

Pre-order :

Customs department in each country and states often have regulation that should be investigated prior to placing orders; these may pertain to duty taxes and-or allowable items, it may be loss, damage or charge extra duty taxes during custom inspection and Silicones Art will try our best to help but take no responsibility for it.

If the product does not pass custom inspection, product will send back to manufacturer for second delivery.

It is the responsability of the Buyer to make sure that the product he bought is allowed in his country. We will Not proceed to any refund if your product is confiscated by customs.



This product is sold as is and without any warranties as to performance or merchantability. Our company follows the industry standard for our product. For obvious reasons of hygiene we can’t accept any return after usage. All sales are final and as is. This means there are no refunds, returns or exchange. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the goods is with the buyer. If the items purchased from our company prove defective following their purchase, the buyer and not our company, assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing and repair.

This product is sold without any expressed or implied warranties whatsoever. Because of the diversity of conditions under which this product may be used, no warranty or fitness for a particular purpose is offered. The buyer is advised to test the product thoroughly before using it. The buyer must assume the entire risk of using product.

once payment is received, the contract (order) cannot be cancelled without any exceptions.

However, rest assured that you will receive a quality product. For each product, we carefully follow a thorough quality check before shipping. We only send flawless products. We reject any product which does not pass all quality tests.


*Please do not purchase if you do not agree our Return & Refund Policy.


































皮肤瑕疵、疤痕、划痕、印记、压痕、微小切口、皮肤表面的轻微变化、指甲/脚趾甲松动或缺失、睫毛松动或缺失、面部化妆或身体化妆的轻微差异和不一致。 已使用、清洗、改变、定制、赠送、促销商品、免费升级、免费赠品和替换产品。 用户在使用过程中、使用后、错误操作或不正确的清洁方法导致的损坏。对于与退货和退款政策不适用的项目相关的任何问题,不会进行赔偿。 就所有已售产品而言,不能要求退货、换货或退款。在我们交付产品并且买方签署提货单之后,这意味着买方确认他们对产品质量没有任何问题。

所有产品在交付之前都经过严格的审查和质量管理,以确保向买家提供优质的产品。Silicones Art不提供任何退货或退款,所有销售均为最终销售,对此给您带来的任何不便,我们深感抱歉。






各国和地区的海关部门通常有法规,应在下订单前进行调查;这些可能涉及关税和/或允许的物品,可能会在海关检查期间导致丢失、损坏或额外征收关税,Silicones Art将尽最大努力提供帮助,但对此不承担责任。