Step By Step To Order

We will keep you informed of your order status until delivery is complete. Please refer to the details below for more information:

  1. Customize Your Doll - Choose the options to create your unique doll.
  2. Add to Cart Click “Add to Cart” to add your doll to your order.
  3. Place Order Review your order details in the cart, click “Process to Checkout,” and ensure the shipping address is accurate before making the payment.
  4. Confirmation Email After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email containing a breakdown of your order.
  5. Contact Us - Through Whatsapp or Wechat to confirm your order, and let us know your preferred payment method.
  6. Make Payment  Full payment or pay a 60% deposit.
  7. Production Begins After we receive your confirmation, we will commence production and keep you informed about the progress. You have a 24-hour grace period to make any last-minute changes.
  8. Your Doll is Finished - Once your doll production is complete, we will conduct a thorough quality control check and take photographs for your approval (known as factory photos). The production time for TPE Dolls is typically 5-7 workdays, while Silicone Dolls can take 2-4 weeks, depending on the brand.
  9. Photos & Video Approved by You Upon receiving your approval of the factory photos.
  10. Make Payment - Pay the remaining 40% balance if you choose to pay by split payment option.
  11. Discreet Packaging & Shipping Your doll will be discreetly packaged and shipped as soon as possible. You will receive a tracking number within 3-5 days of dispatch.
  12. Package Delivery Upon receiving your package, please verify that everything is included. If something is missing, contact us immediately.



  1. 定制您的娃娃 - 选择选项来打造您独一无二的人偶产品。
  2. 加入购物车 - 点击“加入购物车”将您的人偶产品添加到订单中。
  3. 下订单 - 在购物车中查看订单详情,点击“继续结账”,确保在付款之前确保运送地址准确无误。
  4. 确认邮件 - 下单后,您将收到一封包含订单细节的确认邮件。
  5. 联系我们 - 通过WhatsApp或WeChat与我们联系,确认您的订单,并告诉我们您选择的付款方式。
  6. 付款 - 全额支付或支付60%的订金。
  7. 生产开始 - 在收到您的订单确认后,我们将开始生产并随时通报进展情况。您有24小时的宽限期来进行任何最后一刻的更改。
  8. 您的人偶订单已完成 - 一旦您的订单生产完成,我们将进行彻底的质量检查并为您拍摄照片以供您作为确认(工厂实拍照片/视频)。 TPE人偶的生产时间通常为5-7个工作日,而硅胶人偶则可能需要2-4周,具体取决于品牌厂家。
  9. 照片和视频获得您的确认以及批准 - 在收到您对工厂照片/视频的确认批准后。
  10. 付款 - 如果您选择分期付款选项,则支付剩余的40%余额。
  11. 保密包装和发货 - 您的人偶产品将被包装并尽快发货。您将在发货后3-5天内收到跟踪号码。
  12. 包裹交付 - 收到包裹后,请验证一切产品配件是否包括在内。如果有遗漏的物品,请立即联系我们。